Jack Toe

Executive Director Emeritus, Beautiful Elephants

Those with the ability to run faster than a speeding bullet, jump tall buildings in a single bound, or possess superhuman strength – they are the heroes of most young boys’ childhoods. However for Jack growing up these fictional characters never even warranted the briefest of mentions. If you’d have asked him who his superheroes were, he’d have told you about a tiny woman in Thailand saving enormous elephants, or about a man sailing the Arctic Ocean playing chicken with the Japanese whaling fleet. Lek Chailert and Pete Bethune were and still are to this day, the heroes Jack dreams of emulating.

With half of his young life already spent saving the lives of elephants, educating the world about their plight and advocating for them, along with his rescue of more than 50 battery farm hens, one might already call Jack a hero. But he wouldn’t. Unassuming and modest with no ego to speak of, it is often difficult for those that meet Jack to remember he is only 17. Sensible, compassionate, down to earth, quiet, determined with an unfaltering passion, knowledgeable, a whiz-kid with technology and blessed with a wicked sense of humour, are all words you could use to describe him.

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it’.

Jack chooses to live his life by this quote and it is where his unwavering belief comes from – that he will achieve his dream, to create a project that will make the difference for the elephants he loves.