Elephant Sanctuaries

With your support, we are able to help sanctuaries feed their elephants a healthy diet, provide them with the best veterinary care, and protect their habitat.

$1,343 of $5,000 raised

Land Purchase

One of the major threats facing Asian elephants is the loss of their habitat. With your help, we will be able to purchase land to preserve it from future development, as well as giving rescued elephants more space to roam.

$2,880 of $15,000 raised

Stop The Ivory Trade

The facts are truly shocking. Poachers are killing around 20,000 African elephants each year to feed the illegal trade in ivory. That’s an average of 55 elephants every day, or one every 25 minutes. We need to stop this terrible crime, and we urgently need your help.

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General Fund

Donations to the Save Elephant Foundation help to provide:

healthy environment for all our animals
purchase new land so we can expand our projects
maintain & develop physical structures
repair or create new paths, roads or hard standings
support local communities
manage the day-to-day operations of the foundation

$994 of $10,000 raised